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Renewables and Climate Change

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Proposed Wind Farm at Dorcas Lane 

Wind Power Myth-Busters


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Wind farms: Eye-catching or eyesore?

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Onshore Wind

click hereHow onshore wind compares with other renewables energies in terms of cost and deployment and why the government is committed to onshore wind expansion.




Renewable Energy

What potential do renewables have to meet our energy needs by 2050. This is most clearly explained on the government website as part of their 'Carbon Pathways Analysis'.

Click on the name of each of the renewable energies and low carbon energies to see the details of how much energy they can produce.


The back-up document to this is the '2050 Pathways Analysis' on the Department of Energy and Climate Change website. [link here]


Why Climate Change is a very important issue

The CCC is an independent body established under the Climate Change Act (2008). They advise the UK Government on setting and meeting carbon budgets and on preparing for the impacts of climate change. They have a wealth of information on Climate Change and on how to meet our targets for reducing COČ emissions with investment in low carbon energy and renewables.


Noise from wind farms

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has a section on the noise levels from wind turbines.

Dorcas Lane: Concern over noise




Friends of the Earth